The Place that Knows Me, Is the Place that Scars Me

Sydney Contempoary Art Fair 2018

STACKS Projects Booth C01

Carriageworks, Sydney

13-16 September 2018

     Anthony Hodgkinson is a Sydney based artist who utilises photography to record his physical interaction with the landscape. Hodgkinson’s works challenge photography’s ability to act as a multi-sensory experience by visualising the artist’s physicality within the landscape as he embeds nature in his photographic practice. 
     Anthony Hodgkinson has allowed nature, in particular a hidden waterfall in Sydney’s north, to mark its presence on the surface of the photograph in order to capture the substance of the landscape. Hodgkinson treats the exhibited photographs as evidence, a record of his experience within the landscape. The artist has allowed nature to involve itself within his practice by processing the negatives within the landscape itself. In exposing the film to natural elements, Hodgkinson has allowed traces of water from the rushing waterfall to re-configure the photograph. Processing the negatives onsite ensures that the marks of the waterfall remain present on the surface of the work, resulting in an image that provides the viewer with a sense of experience of the landscape, rather than an image of it. In this way, the artist is able to document moments of violence, tranquillity, and visualise the roaring sounds of running water as a way of inviting the viewer to sense the landscape, as opposed to reflecting on the surface level image.

Kate Ahern

Photography by Document Photography